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Tropical mint

Most people that have been in the region will know what a Tropical Mint is, the sweet is an icon. Most Kenyans will have grown up eating Tropical Mints since when they were kids.

Tropical Mints were first launched in 1954, and the product was an immediate success. The sweet has a unique sweet minty flavour that was designed specifically for the East African taste profile. Today’s’ Tropical Mint uses exactly the same secret formulation and ingredients as it did when it was first launched.

Cool Cow

In pursuit of giving our customers the best KSL R&D team developed Kenya’s first real milk sweet ‘COOLCOW’ which instantly became a best seller in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and in Rwanda under the brand Ndi Umunyarwanda.

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Mint Range
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Sourced from world best flavours manufacturer crafted with passion for your taste buds.

Fruits Drop
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The best most authentic assorted fruit flavoured sweet in the market.

Milk Range
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All our sweets are made with real fresh milk sourced locally.

Pillowpack Products
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Manufactured and packaged with modern tech for longer lasting flavour

Baking Products
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Best bakers companion for sugar and glucose

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Our are just incredibly juicier bigger made with passion and satisfaction in mind

Special Range
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Look out for our glucose, dextrose, Drinking chocolate and more

Lit Sweets
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Look out for our glucose, dextrose, Drinking chocolate and more

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Look out for our glucose, dextrose, Drinking chocolate and more

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Fruit Drops

We at KSL strive to be as original as we started over 70 years ago. Our strength lies in our authenticity. Our fruit drops range has superior authentic fruit flavours that will make you crave for more. Sourced from the best flavours and confectionery ingredients manufactured across the globe you as our customers are assured of the best specially crafted recipe that will always excite your taste buds.

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